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pack those pictures away [10 Jun 2005|07:07pm]
I have decided to make a return to livejournal again if you want to come along for the ride enter here:
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Im not dead yet [13 Mar 2005|03:17am]
if you still want to know me

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damn its hot outside [14 Jan 2004|03:28am]
I am so cold that I feel like my fingertips are gonna bust off just typing this. I am wrapped like a giant burrito in blankets and sweatshirts and a scarf and the cold still haunts me, its also 3:22am and I am still wearing my sneakers just to keep my feet warm. Its really amazing how much time flys by in between my posts on here, last year I was posting like a madman on a daily basis. what happend?! I dunno I guess lazyness has just taken over completely.
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I would kill for more [21 Dec 2003|04:41am]
I dont know if any of you have been to the sharper image or one of those rip off stores like it with the cool shit. But they have this leather chair that massages you(not one of the cheesy ones they have those everywhere, this ones grade A,it even has slots for your legs) and damn that thing feels like there is a hard working midget stuffed inside the chair rubbing you out without getting tired ever. The chair is truly amazing and I thought you needed to know this.
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Like cocaine in the wind [06 Dec 2003|02:55pm]
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Is this how you twist my arm? [06 Dec 2003|03:26am]
I came to my journal as I normally do to read up on my friends and everything is cool. Then I log in and realize things have changed since my account expired, like my pictures were iced, which is fine cause I know theres a limit with a free account and I could really care less about the pics anyways. But then I notice any entries I had from november(the whopping 3 or 4) were gone. This must be LJ's way of twistin my arm so that I buy a paid account. Fuckers. I don't think anything major was deleted anyways and if I remember I'll just re-write it or something.
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you look like I need a drink [29 Oct 2003|08:39pm]
I started feelin crappy the other day but I am hoping by overdosing myself with cold medicine will kill it before it becomes anything. It usually works.
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day one: completed [21 Oct 2003|01:04am]
Well the first day of my vacation was today and I just did a whole lot of absolutly nothing and it was great. Then I went to the library and read lots, I love the library it has endless amounts of knowledge. I went to six flags yesterday it was great, I love roller coasters and that new superman one is crazy, I loved it. It was Fright Fest and some dude with a chainsaw made my brother jump out his skin, that was funny. Then some lil kid in the bathroom saw me walkin into a stall and all I hear outside the stall is "daddy where did wolverine go?" and he asked his pops like 5 times, his dad had no clue what he was talkin about but I did cause thats like the 62882984th time someones called me wolverine(I guess cause of the sideburns and the hair?) but yeh that was funny. Now I shall consume massive amounts of TV.
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green grass and blue skies when you are around [14 Oct 2003|12:49am]
Today was a pretty easy work day, much easier than usual for a monday, which was good for me cause usually I come home wiped out on monday nights. The weekend was a very good one I was impatient to see kill bill and could not wait so I went to see it on friday when it came out by myself, then I saw it again on sunday with the bestest person in the world. I love Tarantinos work and this one did not let me down at all, it was awesome. I just want to see vol.2 NOW! Four more days of work and then I have have my vacation, I'm so damn excited I am countin down the freakin days. After a week away from work though its gonna be hard to go back, I'll jump on the lazy train and not wanna get off.
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Fright night [10 Oct 2003|12:49am]
last night I was laying in bed and I was in like that half asleep state when you are like one minute away from slipping into a nice sleep I feel something crawling across my arm and it felt like a spider and I jumped out of my skin. In like 2.5 seconds I leaped out of bed and had the light on. I couldn't find the little bastard and that sucked cause I was all uneasy about sleeping in the bed the rest of the night but I figured I would stop being a little girl and tough it out. So I lay back down and I'm like tryin to convince myself it was either my imagination or the thing was long gone on the other side of the room or somethin. So 15 minutes later I feel something in my hair and I slapped my hand into my head to hit it and I felt it crunch on my palm, and I turn on the light and it was a HUGE spider, like one of those giant brown ones. It was sick.
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Wade Retardedson [09 Oct 2003|02:22am]
I think the Wade Robson project show may single handedly be the stupidest, shittiest show I have ever seen but hey what do I know?
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baked beans not re-fried [09 Oct 2003|12:50am]
In two weeks I get vacation from work and I can't wait, for no reason other than to be a lazy bastard. Its not like I even work alot but just to know that I will have a whole week off makes me alot happier than knowing that I have to work. Also the week I am off is the FAT cmj showcase thingy at BB Kings, it is going to be None more black, The lawrence arms, Against me, Rise against and Anti-flag. That is an awesome line-up, I can't wait for that. Whats up with kindergarten cop running california, are they fucked?! I think so.
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We made plans to meet and you never showed [02 Oct 2003|11:18pm]
Ahh the cold weather feels so refreshing. Though I need to learn how to dress right, instead of wearing shorts and a tshirt when its cold. Tomorrow is friday, no matter how shitty a week on friday its like a clean slate (this only applys if you are off on the weekends, if not then your clean slate day may be monday or tuesday etc.. I dunno). I have been wanting to get another tattoo really bad recently but I want to be certain on what I want, but we'll see, I'm sure I'll get one soon. My car hit 100,000 miles last weekend and it has no spot for the 1 so now it reads 00087, it was really weird to see it on 00000, looked like a fresh car. I know this has no importance whatsoever but hey I thought it was cool.
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Propagandhi [30 Sep 2003|12:39am]
"If I were the president, I could stop terrorist attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would first apologize to all the widows and orphans, the tortured and impoverished, and all the many millions of other victims of American imperialism. Then I would announce, in all sincerity, to every corner of the world, that America's global interventions have come to an end, and inform Israel that it is no longer the 51st state of the USA but now -- oddly enough -- a foreign country. I would then reduce the military budget by at least 90% and use the savings to pay reparations to the victims. There would be more than enough money. One year's military budget of 330 billion dollars is equal to more than $18,000 an hour for every hour since Jesus Christ was born. That's what I'd do on my first three days in the White House. On the fourth day, I'd be assassinated."

-William Blum
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I'm watchin michael moore expose the awful truth [21 Sep 2003|09:50pm]
This is information that michael moore posted on his site about how our president is crappy and if you are like me and dont like this dude then give it a read and you'll like him even less but if you do like him give it a read anyway and your opinion may be altered.
the awful truthCollapse )
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lazy+randomness=shite [17 Sep 2003|12:24am]
I am the laziest bastard alive I come on here like at least 3 or 4 times a day to read everyones stuff and I'm like hmm I should write something useful on here too and then I get lazy and I click the little X and close the page instead of typing a few crappy sentences. Its chilly outside but in my room it feels like the deepest pit in hell it is so hot. WTF is up with that. Anyone try pepsi vanilla I think its better than the vanilla coke but then again I think pepsi is better than coke overall so that might be why, I dunno. People are worrying if theres gonna be some kinda hurricane here though I dont think we will really get hit with it, but who am I to say I am no Al Roker.
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is the summer really thru [04 Sep 2003|12:53am]
It sucks now that the summer is over and mostly everyone is back to school no one stays up late no more. Where is everyone?! wake up!
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I’m a clown, I’m just here to entertain [30 Aug 2003|04:59pm]
Three day weekends are the best.
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where did it go [29 Aug 2003|12:27am]
Where the hell did my backround go. One day it just stopped poppin up. Hmmm strange. But I need to fix it cause this hotel mint green is not doin much justice.
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hesitation station [17 Aug 2003|02:46pm]
Hmm how the hell did so much time pass in between my writing in this thing. Well I havent been up to much. Did the whole warped tour thing, got my ass whooped in the rancid pit by those big denim coat wearin anarcho punks. I found out once I was there that rise against was bumped off the show and would not be playing and they were one of the main reasons I was there besides rancid and the gimme gimmes, so that was shitty. Then sunday was my birthday, didn't really do too much besides consume alcohol. Then on wednesday I went to see the lawrence arms and none more black play in the city and that was an awesome show. Then on thursday was that crazy ass blackout which was shitty but cool at the same time. Its funny how much we are spoiled by electrical items. Now I think I am gonna go see the freddy vs. jason movie. I think that is all for now.
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